Mitel 5624 WiFi Phone

Recently, I had the opportunity to get up to speed on a new phone offering for the North America Market. After taking the Mitel Learning Management courseware and reviewing documentation, I put together a short presentation on this nifty device.

5624Released into North America during 2016, the Mitel 5624 WiFi Phone is a Feature rich SIP enabled VoWiFi phone with color display, telephony and messaging over 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi networks.

The phone has been previously used exclusively in the European market and has recently passed regulatory guidelines to be available in the US. The 5624 is delivered
with standard telephony features which can then be enhanced using Services, Personal Alarm, Location and Shared Phone licenses.

The 5624 is Mitel’s first VoWiFi handset operating on 802.11n networks, it supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing 802.11n network’s capacity. A Mitel 5624 WiFi Phone based solution delivers trouble-free WLAN vendor interoperability and scalability, as well as the capacity to integrate and communicate with a comprehensive range of external sources.

Key Features:

  • SIP RFC 3261 Compliant
  • TFT 176 x 220 pixel backlit color display
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Three Programmable soft keys
  • Nine programmable hot keys
  • Man-down and No-movement alarm
  • Push button alarm
  • Five configurable emergency numbers
  • Vibrator
  • Handsfree Speaker function
  • 2.5 mm Headset connector
  • Push to talk

The 5624 is delivered with standard telephony features which can then be enhanced using Services, Personal Alarm, Location and Shared Phone licenses.

The three versions Mitel 5624, Mitel 5624 Services, and Mitel 5624 Personal Alarm use the same hardware and software and features are enabled by licensing.


  • The Mitel 5624 version is an unlicensed WiFi Handset with basic functionality
  • The 5624 WiFi handset does not support messaging or any shared phone capacity without the activation of an optional license

Services – License Upgrade

  • Licensed WiFi Handsets with additional functionality of messaging

This enables the 5624 Wireless Phone user to interact with applications in a very sophisticated manner.

With this license activated, the 5624 WiFi handset becomes a professional work tool offering advanced messaging, message prioritization, color-coded messaging, push-to-talk and access point location.

In addition, the 5624 WiFi handset can interact with applications that can take control of the 5624 WiFi Handset’s display. These capabilities are critical for work flow and process-control type integrations.

Personal Alarm – License Upgrade

  • Licensed WiFi Handsets with additional functionality of Alarms
  • Location license
  • Shared Phone license

Upgrade license – the 5624 WiFi handset’s multi-function button becomes an ‘alarm‘ button.

This license activates other alarm capabilities such as push-button and listen-in alarms.

The 5624 WiFi Handset can also enable a user to send an alarm over the air to the WSM, which in conjunction with an external application, can trigger other events or actions. Such features are a critical requirement in personal security use cases.

  • Man-Down/No-Movement License – With this upgrade license, the 5624 WiFi handset V2 extends the alarming capabilities described above by activating the built-in Man-Down/No-Movement trigger in the 5624 V2 hardware. The Service and Personal Alarm Upgrade Licenses are prerequisites.
  • WiFi Location license – The WiFi Location license enhances the Alarm-based and location services of the 5624 WiFi handset by enabling the 5624 WiFi handset to communicate with an Ekahau RTLS positioning engine to improve the accuracy of WiFi location. The solution involves the Ekahau Positioning Engine that uses the WLAN network topology to calculate the location of mobile devices
  • Shared Phone license – Shared phone enables the 5624 WiFi handset to adopt different user profiles, including speed dials and personal address books by allowing users to log themselves in and out of the device, without changing the devices extension number.

5624 VoWiFi Phone – Feature Matrix
5624 Feature Matrix

Keypad Programming
Either the keypad on the handset, or the WinPDM is used to configure the handsets.

It is only recommended to use the keypad, if a quick change of a parameter value is needed, for example, in a lab environment, or in a test installation.

It is tedious to enter all parameters using the keypad. Access from the keypad is only available to a limited set of parameters, and to get access to all parameters, the WinPDM must be used.

winpdmWinPDM Programming
Aimed for smaller sites where the handsets are near to hand.

One handset at a time is configured, when inserted in a Mitel 5624 Desktop Programmer connected to the administrators computer over USB.



wsm3Wireless Service Messaging (WSM3) Programming
Centralized management of handsets. Also referred to as Over-The-Air (OTA) management, where parameters changes are updated over the WLAN

The WSM3 runs on an ELISE3 module

Ascom Elise3 is a modern highly reliable and cost efficient hardware platform for United messaging and alarm applications. The Elise3 modules are designed for scalable solutions and are efficient in small to large installations, where the server modules may be stacked to serve a large amount of users, physical interfaces and/or performance required features.

WSM3 also used in Ascom IP Dect Solution (560x phones) – not the Mitel SIP Dect (612, 622, 632 phones)

5624 VoWiFi Phone – WSM3 Licensing Variants
The Messaging and Services capabilities vary by handset type (Dect 5603, 5604, 5607, WiFi 5624) and are delivered in conjunction with the WSM.

WSM3 Basic including hardware module, software and license with Device Management (100 Devices) and Module Redundancy

  • If Module Redundancy is to be used, the license provided with this variant may only be installed on the WSM Basic to be used as primary module. The secondary WSM3 Basic must be an empty module without any licenses and settings.

Optional Licenses/Modules

  • Upgrade license to WSM3 Standard. Device Management for 2500 Devices (FE3-EGDLB)
  • Upgrade license with OAP. Requires also FE3-EGDLB WSM3 Standard (FE3-EGDLAP3)
  • Upgrade license with Module Redundancy for WSM3 Standard. Requires also FE3-EGDLB WSM3 Standard (FE3-EGDLRB)

5624 VoWiFi Phone – WSM3 License Features
Base provides functions such as

  • Central Phone book & Corporate Directory
  • Redundancy ability (2 base systems required)

Standard Add-on provides functions such as

  • Send/Receive messaging, Web Messaging Tool
  • Advanced Web Messaging Tool, Acknowledgement
  • Groups, 3rd party apps, Advanced Interactive
  • Call Setup (system/app initiated call)
  • Push to Talk – handset initiated, Personal alarming
  • Man-down/No motion, Log-in/out gui
  • Call/Message history wipe, Contacts/Conference transfer, OTA program & upgrade

OAP license add on to Standard

    • Push to Talk – system/application initiated

WSM3 Redundancy add to Standard

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